The Amberger Werkzeugbau GmbH

is a family-run company

For more than 45 years we have supplied customers worldwide with tools working excellently and stamped parts fitting precisely. A subsidiary in Romania has been offering our customers further advantages for more than 10 years. Our company divisions are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Our goal is to supply quality products and adhere to delivery dates. We manufacture tools, stamped parts and components for various industries.
The close cooperation between Tool Making and Series Production allows for consistent improvement of our products.


Components | Mounting Assemblies | Welded Components

Stamped parts

Steel Parts | Aluminum Parts | Copper Parts | Decoration parts


Follow-on Composite Tools, Cutting Tools, Bending Tools, Transfer Tools and Prototype Tools

Products & Services Overview

With our team of experienced staff we can cover the whole process chain from design/construction, tool making and stamping technology to the manufacture of components.

Manufacture of components


Tool Making

Quality management

Stamping technology