How your tool assumes the desired shape

Expert knowledge from the beginning.

Technical advice

The design/construction department is involved in the projects even prior to preparing quotations. The assessment of the manufacturability, the material usage and a first concept are the results of this phase. Often we can simplify the component in close cooperation with our customer.

Sheet metal Forming analyses

Forming analyses and method plans provide the basis for the further process steps. The systems used allow for problems to be detected at an early stage and solutions to be worked out.


Your tools are designed with Catia V5. Apart from our own standards we also design according to our customers’ requirements.

Data transfer: For the exchange of data all the usual interfaces like CatPart, Step, Iges, VDA etc. are available. Data transfer is possible via email, Odette or FTP.


We are a reference partner of Dassault Systems and have developed a software called “Match” in close cooperation with our system providers. By linking the data base of the CAD system with the data base of the ERP system, processes can be automated and optimized. When developing this solution, we always focused on the requirements of the tool making industry.